The Big Giveaway Outreach

This outreach program - aptly named The Big Giveaway - has given over $2 million worth of essential household items to 4,000 families so far! Truly inspiring efforts for those who need it most during these tough times.

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Biblical Stewardship

De'Andre Salter is helping individuals gain financial strength through biblical teachings. His books, podcasts and curriculum equip people with the tools they need to create wealth in a responsible way, while churches are relying on his dynamic sermons and workshops to empower their congregants towards lasting financial well-being so that they can give more freely into God's work.

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Kingdom Business

We offer workshops, seminars and training programs designed to help get business ideas off the ground and attract capital. We provide guidance your business needs to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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I listened to De'Andre Salter and then wrote out a plan. It got off track many times along the way, but I chose to stay the course. Fast forward from HEARING Bishop Salter April 2020 and applying some of that "faith that comes by DOING" I saw tangible results by December 2021!!!!!!



Birmingham, Alabama

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