Money Matters with Deandre Salter

Money Matters with Deandre Salter

Hosted by: DeAndre Salter

Product description: Money Matters is a financial wellness podcast that provides a new 60 second biblical insight on budgeting, student & business loans, investing, entrepreneurship and more from successful...

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Is Money Good or Evil?

Episode #1

People often mistakenly believe that the Bible forbids pursuing wealth, but this is actually not the case.
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Money Management

Episode #2

Money management is important for individuals and the church.
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Two Facts About Money

Episode #3

Having money is not inherently bad or good, it's the way we look at, use and enjoy our money that makes all the difference.
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Money Master or Servant

Episode #4

Money can be used to do things which please God and bless people, or it can be allowed to become your master and curse you.
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What’s A Good Steward?

Episode #5

What is a good steward? We often refer to being a good steward in church, and it seems to be the answer for all things. Right? But what is a steward??
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Work Is Important

Episode #6

Why does the Apostle Paul write a letter from prison, blasting lazy workers for not being pleasing to God?
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The Work We Do Matters

Episode #7

Work is important. It can be creative, meaningful and satisfying or just boring and not very fulfilling. That's why it's important to choose a job that is right for us. We need to find something that suits us and is...
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Purpose Driven Work

Episode #8

There are many reasons to work. The Bible says that God said work is necessary, so we should do it. But there are also other reasons to work, like providing for yourself and your family, honoring your parents, helping...
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Is It Wrong for Christians to be Wealthy?

Episode #9

Some people might think that it is wrong for Christians to be wealthy. But you can look at examples of good, godly people who were wealthy and still acceptable in the eyes of God. People like Abraham, Job, David King...
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Warning about Covetousness

Episode #10

One of the sins in the bible is covetousness. An interesting side note question - when have you ever heard of anyone coming forward before the church to confess being guilty of this sin?
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Abundance Can Breed Indifference

Episode #11

Money cannot solve all problems. In fact, money can actually produce many negative effects in our lives.
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The Money Lover Test

Episode #12

Reframe your thoughts to accept that real living is more than possessions.
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