The Salter Foundation's mission is to support those who work to make a difference in the world

Over $200,000 in Scholarships and Counting 

With our help students and christian leaders have been able to attend Georgetown, University of Delaware, SCAD, Drew University, Rutgers University, and Oxford University to name a few.

Blessed 4,000 Families with Over $2,000,000 in Goods  

We partner with Impact Church Worldwide in its incredible The Big Giveaway outreach program. The Big Giveaway is provides furniture, household goods, and personal items to people in need. It's our way to address the high inflation in underserved communities.

Investing In STEM

We provide a grant to award full tuition for students to The RWG Stem Academy in Arlington, Texas. RWG strives to provide a learning experience for scholars that stimulates their minds, cultivates their abilities and instills Christian values that will allow them to live healthy, disciplined lives. (Inspired by Prov. 22:6)