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Wealth and good stewardship doesn’t happen overnight.
Get simple steps each episode to guide your path to financial wellness.

About De'Andre Salter


Real financial wellness takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Money Matters is a podcast that provides 60 second biblical insights on budgeting, student & business loans, investing, entrepreneurship and more from successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist and pastor De'Andre Salter. Each episode on Money Matters, you’ll hear:

  • A short scripture
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • A financial action plan to take into the week


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Meet De'Andre Salter

Founder, Venture Capitalist and Pastor

De'Andre Salter is a man of many talents and accomplishments. He is a senior pastor at Impact Church Worldwide and a duly consecrated bishop in Macedonia International Bible Fellowship and the Joint College of Bishops. De'Andre is also a certified financial educator and has spent his career working in the insurance industry. He founded and sold Professional Risk Solutions, the largest black-owned insurance brokerage in the United States. More recently, he is the author of The Culture of Money and founder of TCOM Capital Holdings, a venture capital firm. De'Andre holds a graduate degree from Drew University, as well as a Masters of Theology from The King's Seminary. He is happily married to Terri, and they have four children together.


I listened to De'Andre Salter and then wrote out a plan. It got off track many times along the way, but I chose to stay the course. Fast forward from HEARING Bishop Salter April 2020 and applying some of that "faith that comes by DOING" I saw tangible results by December 2021!!!!!!



Birmingham, Alabama

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